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Fine Body  Art  That Decorates Your Skin Like Jewerly!

Primal Henna Arts

Primal Henna Arts is founded by Silvana Piga, a long time resident to Santa Cruz County and to California.

Silvana is born and raised in Italy and she has traveled with her work to many parts of the world.

She is trained in multiple mediums of art, including:

Digital Media Arts

Graphic Design



Mixed Media Painting,

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My Story

Artist Statement


I adopted henna art while I found myself traveling across the world and meeting several artists, one of them a fine arts jeweler who practiced henna art on the side. My own background in the arts, my love for painting, decoration mixed with my long time interests in the healing arts brought me to to the ancient art of henna design.

In 2006 I spent some time in a small village near Aswan, Egypt. There I was introduced to Nubian and Arabic designs.

I love creating the traditional Indian Mogul patterns, but my favorite henna and jagua designs are inspired by 1930's art nouveau's vine work.

Henna design continues to inspire my love for art combined with my appreciation of Egyptian and Indian cultures.  Now almost two decades later as a professional artist, I have had the privilege to meet hundreds of people from a variety of cultural backgrounds all who also love henna and jagua decorative body design.

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